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We are exactly what you hoped your performance marketing agency would be.

Paid Social media ads are one of the most potent ways your brand can reach out to current and prospective clients. Social media as an advertising tool offers unparalleled choices in scope, flexibility, and client responsiveness. 


PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is one of the best ways to sensitize your target audience about your products and services online. At Paid Media Agency, our campaigns for your online business employ Google’s robust PPC network, text ad remarketing, and banner remarketing to entice previous visitors to close the deal. We offer PPC services across search, social, display, and video channels, taking a scientific approach for high return on investment gain competitive edge over your competitors.



Google ADs

Our experts know technology and creativity combined produces synergy. We create engaging PPC campaigns across Search, Shopping, Display, and Video to gain increased visibility and more sales at a profitable CPA and reduced cost-per-click.

Microsoft ADs (Bing)

Although Bing may have a lower search volume than Google, it is a good conversion channel for B2B clients. It is also beneficial in targeting campaigns for LinkedIn profiles.

PPC Audits & Consultancy

Our experts will help you out in assessing how well your existing campaigns are performing. Further it is important to identify where the opportunities to optimize for growth and improvement lie.

Google Shopping

This is a highly competitive field and making profitable Google Shopping CPAs is a daunting task. Our experts would help you out in devising strategies that would drive higher conversion rates and more revenues for your business.

Meta ADs

A Meta advertising agency specializes in helping businesses develop and execute comprehensive marketing strategies across Facebook and Instagram. We use a data-driven approach to help our clients achieve grow their businesses through advertising campaigns on Meta.

YouTube, LinkedIn & TikTok

We also work with other social platforms to display content and target specific customers. Marketing leaders often use paid social to increase marketing efficiency and capture new subsets of customers.

Social Advertising platforms we work with include

Facebook ADs

As a certified Facebook advertising agency,our precision-built campaigns capture the target audience’s attention by stopping scrolling in its tracks. Not only this, by choosing appropriate ad formats such as carousel ads, image ads, play in feed videos and even event ads, we have your back covered when it comes to facebook ads.

Instagram ADs

One of the fastest-growing social media networks and platforms where users tend to pay attention to more brands than any other social network. We have the expertise of creating Instagrammable Business to Customer ads with strong visual appeal and crisp message that perform exceptionally well with your targeted audience!

LinkedIn Ads
Posting ads on the worlds largest professional network provides an opportunity to B2B advertisers to target decision-making individuals., based on job profile, company name, even seniority. Since it is a B2B platform solely, members here have a professional mindset, open to learning and exploring new territories that will benefit their company. We offer sophisticated customizable campaigns to meet your specific market demands.
YouTube Ads
A platform with more than a billion unique users worldwide adds up to a phenomenal amount of time spent on it. We are skilled in creating video creatives for YouTube advertising to increase your brand visibility and increase traction.
TikTok Ads
We’ve delivered TikTok campaigns for the most exciting and forward-thinking brands in the world, spanning every sector and every continent. The learnings and insights we’ve built are unparalleled and our team is always on top of the latest trends and platform updates.
Optimise your website to rank higher. find leads.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is a set of practices and techniques used to improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • Improve online visibility, organically.
  • Boost credibility and attract more visitors.
  • Cost-effective, with long-term results.
Macro Influencers

Macro influencers are individuals on social media with a significant following. They are often used by brands for large-scale marketing campaigns due to their extensive reach.

Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are social media content creators with a smaller, but highly engaged and niche-specific following, typically ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands of followers.

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers are individuals on social media with a small yet dedicated following, usually in the range of a few hundred to a couple thousand followers. They are considered highly influential.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are individuals who are hired or voluntarily represent a brand, company, or organisation to promote and endorse its products or services.

Common questions we often get asked on influencer marketing

Finding the right influencers involves identifying those who align with your brand’s values and target audience. We start by researching influencers in your industry or niche, checking their content, engagement rates, and audience demographics. We will discover potential candidates and evaluate their previous collaborations to gauge their effectiveness.

We use key metrics to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign include engagement rate (likes, comments, shares), reach (number of views/impressions), click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate (how many people took action after seeing the influencer’s content), and return on investment (ROI). Track these metrics before, during, and after the campaign to assess its impact and effectiveness.

 To ensure authenticity and transparency, we establish clear guidelines and agreements with influencers, ensuring they disclose sponsored content. We will encourage them to create authentic and relatable content that aligns with their usual style. We also avoid overly restrictive instructions that may hinder their creativity. We encourage honest feedback and reviews from influencers to maintain authenticity and build trust with their followers. We also regularly monitor their posts to ensure compliance with disclosure rules and ethical guidelines.

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